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Pet lovers will adore this little brown and white pomeranian dog on this image. You can customize by adding a caption, name or monogram to the product. You can also change the background color to anything you want. Gender: unisex. Age Group: adult.

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Our Husky Dog ID tag, with your contact details printed on the reverse, is unlike any other pet name tag. Our unique lightweight double sided Husky pet ID tag, will make your dog the talk of the park. The front features one of our original Husky illustrations, available in a variety of colourings, if you don't see your dogs colouring just get in touch as we might be able to add it as an option. You can choose to add your dog's name or if you prefer not too just specify 'leave blank.' On the back, we do not impose a character restriction, you can have your phone number, address or any other personalisation you prefer. We adjust the size of the text to fit, but would suggest a phone number, first line of the address and postcode is the best fit. Our decorative bauble shaped pet tags come in three sizes, a small tag at 25mm in diameter, a medium tag at 32mm in diameter and large tag at 38mm in diameter. We have a number of different background colour options available. Our tags arrive in a brown presentation envelope with our Hoobynoo Pet logo stamped onto the front, the envelope is sealed with colourful washi tape, so would also make a lovely gift. You will also be supplied with a standard sized ring to attach the tag to the D ring on your dogs collar. **Important Information**Please note that in the UK, it is a legal requirement for your dog's pet tag to include the surname and address (specifically the door number and postcode) of the owner. It is recommended that the dog's name is not included on the tag, but if the dog is chipped, this could be put on the front of the tag instead. We use an industry standard process and high quality inks to transfer our designs onto specially coated 1.1mm thick aluminium. Please note that these are decorative tags and over time the printed surface will become scratched and chipped from hitting other metal, e.g the hardware on the collar or hard surface such as tile/hard floors.

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Hem köpek, hem de yavruysanız çekilecek çileniz var demektir...

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This is a popular add-on service that many of our clients appreciate. We all know trimming a dog's nails can be tricky. We will work on making this the best experience possible for your dog. Without using any restraints or muzzles, we condition your dog to tolerate getting his nails trimmed. We will bring the trimmers and treats!  This can be added onto some of our other popular services, such as the Enrichment Session or an Island Adventure.  You may also be interested in our Brush Out & Bath grooming service. Call Leah to book: 207-939-6210

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