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Pre-washed cotton fabric over heavyweight polypropylene webbing, this collar is available in 4 widths and as a buckle collar, martingale collar, and tag collar. Please read the entire description and look at all photos for full details. Exchanges or refunds will not be granted for ordering the incorrect size, print/pattern, collar type, collar width, etc. It is very important that you check your order before submitting it.Please note that name/number personalization is NOT available on collars/leashes at this time. The PERSONALIZATION BOX is only for providing neck size on tag collars.EXACT PRINT PLACEMENT MAY DIFFER FROM THAT SHOWN. This is a particularly large print and depends greatly on the placement of the images on the fabric. Not every collar will show the images as in the first photo. I do try to cut the fabric in the best way possible, but it is not always ideal and how the collar is adjusted may change the appearance of the print. Please keep this in mind when ordering.Please be sure to measure your dog's neck before ordering. For martingale collars, measure the dog's neck circumference AND around the largest part of their head to ensure that the collar will fit. If you need assistance with measuring or choosing the proper size, just send me a message! All sizes are approximations, and exact print placement may differ from that shown. Colors may appear different in person due to differences in monitors and screen settings. Some prints are large and do not show well on narrower widths; please reference the photos to see examples of how your collar might look.Tag collars are made with lightweight polypropylene webbing. They are NOT meant for restraint purposes! They are meant solely for hanging tags and looking cute doing it! They do not adjust and are designed to go over the dog's head for easy on/off and they allow the dog to slip the collar off if needed (like if they get caught on something). Please be sure to measure your dog's neck (as you wish for the collar to fit), and that you measure the widest part of their head to ensure that the collar will go over it. Enter the measurement in the PERSONALIZATION box.Buckle collars are made with high quality plastic buckles... the same brand and quality that the US military uses! Metal buckles are available, but only on custom order and for an additional charge. Please message me if you are interested in a metal buckle.Cat collars come with a safety breakaway buckle and a removable jingle bell. XS and Regular Puppy Collars come with standard buckles and no bell.UPGRADES AND EXTRAS:Get the matching leash here ---> the matching hybrid leash or traffic lead here ---> the matching hands-free leash set here ---> the matching dog seat belt here ---> buckle upgrade here --->Collar Flowers and Bowties here---> the matching keychain here ---> of our items are machine washable and stitched up to 10 times to ensure strength and durability. It is recommended that it be washed only as needed, in a mesh bag, in cold water on the delicate cycle. Wipe down all hardware, then lay flat to dry.Free standard US shipping on all orders 35.00 or more! Discount applies automatically.IMPORTANT**While I do use high quality hardware and materials, collars and leashes are not meant for tie out purposes. They are meant for normal use, not heavy duty use, abuse, heavy pullers, or abnormal conditions. Fabric and ribbon may rip, "run," or show premature wear under those conditions. Since I cannot control how the collar is treated once it leaves my care, there will be NO exchanges given for wear, rips, tears, runs in ribbon, scratches, or other forms of breakdown due to environmental conditions, nor for collars that loosen with use due to a dog heavily pulling on the leash during walks. Exchanges are ONLY offered, at my discretion, for maker defect (snap won't open, collar arrives with a broken buckle, etc). For the safety of your pet and to prevent strangulation, ensure proper fit of all collars and never leave a martingale collar or a leash on without supervision. Seat belts are not meant for safety in the event of a wreck. They are to keep your dog in their seat and away from driver/passengers. It is recommended that a harness be used with dog seat belts. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions, or need assistance with fit. Fido Fandom, LLC is not responsible for anything r

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To conclude my first section of breeds with a personal favorite. I don’t like playing favorites when it comes to animals because all breeds need a home. But when I look at Corgis, my heart just melts. For me their bodies and their fluffy booties just make me smile, so I am a little biased in this re

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Do you remember playing I-Spy when you were young? Now you can pass on this fun game to the next generation with this interactive quilt. Featuring animals, food, characters, sports, etc., there are two blocks of each fabric for your child to find the matching blocks. Or, give clues to encourage your little one's language and vocabulary development. "Can you find an animal that says 'Whoo'? Can you find a food that we eat at a picnic? Can you find the character who has a dog named Snoopy?" The possibilities are endless. Your child will find hours of entertainment, whether on a road trip, or before nap or bedtime, all while staying warm with a fun quilt that is sure to be treasured for years to come. Each quilt is 100% cotton and handmade by me in my smoke-free studio. It measures 53" x 53" and features 168 squares with 84 unique fabrics. My quilts are made to order and unisex, feature random novelty prints, and the backing is fully customize-able. Thanks for visiting my shop! Joan

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